How To Enjoy Exercise Part 1: Walking

First, a reminder of some of the brain benefits exercise can provide:

Okay, so you know about some of the great benefits of exercise. You  know you want to walk regularly, but you still keep putting it off. There might be some outdated exercise beliefs killing your motivation.

Which Of The Following Beliefs Resonate With You?

If you are healthy enough to walk, and you want to, how do you get your ADHD brain to stop sabotaging your efforts?

Setting and accomplishing tiny goals can help

Dopamine plays an important role in our efforts at initiating tasks and behaviors, and our brains generate dopamine for different reasons. Some is created when we set goals that we are looking forward to (anticipation). And some is released when we meet our goals. Both occasions feel good and can increase motivation. 

One ADHD coach, Julie (of "Julie Saad Wellness"), used the technique when she wanted to start a daily walking practice. She decided to set an initial tiny goal of merely stepping outside. It was an easy win for her, and she kept doing that at first. Did she sometimes go for a short walk? Of course she did! She increased her goals slowly, always keeping it something she could easily succeed at.

Eventually she was able to reach her long term goal, walking every morning.

Why did this method work? It worked because each time we meet our goals, we get a spurt of dopamine (which feels really good). That positive chemical feedback made it easier to try again.

Boredom Kills Motivation

It will always be hard for us with ADHD brains to do anything that we expect to be boring. We need to add interest to make the walk something to look forward to. We can make it fun by  playing games or walking with friends, or interesting by seeing what we can notice around us that is new, or use a walk to get some alone time.

Making Walks Interesting

The best ideas will come from you. Here are just a few to get those creative juices flowing:

(Now It's Your Turn!)

Are you excited to go walking yet?  

It's a beautiful world and you belong out there!